1. Starting of day (07h00-07h50)

  • Receiving / Greeting parents
  • Creative activities (no guidance needed)
  • Singing, listening, fantasy play, educational toys and reading
  • Medical check-up.  Record medicine requirements


2. Tidy up/Toilet routine (7h50-08h00)

  • Hygiene/ independence as life skills
  • Use of duty chart and groups to tidy up


3. Breakfast (pleasant atmosphere) (08h00-08h20)

  • Food (dished up by teacher)
  • Take care of life skills
  • Wait for each other, say grace and eat together


4. Tidy up (tables and children) (08h20-08h30)

Wipe tables and children’s hands and faces


5. Group Activity 1 (08h30-08h50)

  • Religious practice or instruction
  • News from the children (2 – 4 children)
  • Weather/ Register


6. Music / Drama / Gross Motor Activities (08h50-09h10)


7. Group Activity 2 – Free play outside (Hats + sun screen)  (09h10-10h15)

  • The outside area is an extension of the classroom.
  • The terrain is divided into different learning areas such as sandpit, water area etc. where teachers supervise and give guidance.  There areas are planned weekly.


8. Tidy up/Toilet routine/Snacks (10h15-10h40)


9. Group Activity 3 (10h40-11h00)

  • Theme discussion
  • Maths
  • Sciences


10. Freeplay inside (11h00-12h00)

  • Individual attention to toddlers.
  • Teachers work in groups of 6 at individual stations.
  • Teachers become involved with groups of playing children.
  • Assistants (if available) will be involved with other learning stations.
  • All activities must be planned weekly.
  • Guided activity or project.


11. Tidy up/Toilet routine  (12h00-12h10)


12. Group Activity 3 (12h10-12h30)

  • Literacy / Story
  • Preparing for lunch



13. Lunch (Pleasant atmosphere) (12h30-12h45)


14. Tidy up/Toilet routine (12h45-12h50)

  • Wipe faces
  • Pack out mattresses
  • Children are encouraged to settle down quietly


15. Group Activity 4 (12h50-13h00)

Story reading/calming activity


16. Rest and Sleep (13h00-13h50)

  • Children can listen to restful music/songs/rhymes while lying down.
  • Assistants on lunch unless otherwise arranged
  • There must be silence – no noise
  • All children rest/sleep
  • Teachers do assessments
  • Complete message booklets if necessary


17. Wake up + Toilet routine (13h50-14h00)

  • Sun screen/hats
  • Make sure child’s belongings are in their bag
  • Assistants on duty – outside


18. Classroom prep  (14h00-14h15)

Teachers make sure everything is ready for next day


19. Afternoon programme  (14h15-17h00)

  • Professional staff leave at 14h15
  • The afternoon programme is not intense as the morning programme.
  • Assistants (under guidance of Romana – Aftercare Supervisor) supervise various basic stations such as sandpit + climbing apparatus.
  • Parents fetch children at various times and are assisted by the afternoon staff.


20. Snack Time (15h00 – 15h15)

  • Wash hands and sit in groups
  • Assistants hand out sandwiches and fruit


21. Tidy up (16h30)

  • Children tidy up outside
  • Move inside where the children are kept occupied with educational toys and activities in one area.


22. Entertainment

From 17h15, approved videos are shown


23. Closure (18h00)


FaLang translation system by Faboba


Office:  012 661 1336                Fax:  012 661 1335                   Aftercare:  082 727 1761

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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Principal: Mrs/Mev Cindy Roux